• Ghurabaa: Musings of a Stranger Who Loves Life Just as it Has Been Given to Her


    It's the day before we travel out, my mother and I, to Amsterdam, the city of drugs, well that's what everyone I informed of my trip has called it.

    Agreeably, when I last visited, there were caf├ęs which had odours of weed drafting out of them, but I had not seen anything beyond that regarding drugs. Not that such substances don't exist, just fortunately I didn't come across anything.

    Oh I nearly forgot! The purpose of our mini holiday. It's not to sightsee, although such events will take place, the purpose of the trip is for my mother to meet her half brother after 32 years. She last saw him in 1982. 32 years! That's like a different lifetime ago.

    Sounds strange, considering we hardly live worlds apart, it's a 1 hour and 20 minute journey by plane.

    Well, time to finish off the packing, these things take ages no matter how many times you have completed the same task.


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