• Ghurabaa: Musings of a Stranger Who Loves Life Just as it Has Been Given to Her

    About Me

    OK here I come again world. Pen to paper, well in my case, fingers to keyboard, to share a few of my adventures and little mishaps in life :-) I lost all I had written when my computer crashed, so I was very lucky, when I was able to find a few of my past scribblings again to motivate me back into action.

    I am 40 something now, a little wiser, with a few more life experiences, busier than ever, but still as adamant as ever to have the last say and share a few experiences, before life ends and I have my last day!

    I stand in a different position, with a new perspective, with new people beside me, and life could not get any better :)

    Musings of Ghurabaa (Ghurabaa is Arabic for Stranger) who loves life just as it has been given. Now in her mid 40's, life is a going uphill rather than down!

    A son now starting his 20's and with my friends not much older, I am not getting the chance to grow old at all!

    This Blog is subtitled, 'An Adventure a Day', as every day is an adventure, if you perceive it to be.

    The quote, 'Life is What You Make it', can become a reality, if you decide to embark on a path where you build your own memorable moments.

    So, if you add a perception of an adventure a day, making life what you want it to be and growing younger rather than older to the story board, you come up with a collection of memories that will last forever (IA!).

    Experience: An event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone.

    My experiences are built around the events that have occurred in my life: The nice things, the not so nice things, the things in-between, the jobs I have done, the studies I have completed, the travelling I have undertaken, the freedom I have experienced, and most importantly the people I have met.

    The classroom has given me knowledge, but life has given me wisdom.


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