• Ghurabaa: Musings of a Stranger Who Loves Life Just as it Has Been Given to Her

    We have arrived!

    Yes we have arrived. I think I had forgotten how frightened I was of heights  and flying until the plane took off and I was unable to do anything. So, I closed my eyes, prayed hard and waited for the plane to stop aiming for heaven. I am dreading going back. The landing was blissful, it was so good to have my feet back on the ground, literally.

    The day was spent with my mum and uncle reminiscing and my aunty serving the good. Of course I helped. My uncle had cooked the food and it was yummy, potatoes and lamb curry, freshly baked Turkish bread accompanied with the Turkish goats cheese, cucumber salad with herbs sprinkled on and Turkish yogurt drink. Strangely it tasted like salted lassi from Pakistan.  I always wonder when 2 countries have similar food, who invented the recipe first!

    Its over and out for today, I am nearly falling asleep whilst typing.


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